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Raggi Bjarni at Bakkan


It is not necessary to introduce Ragnar Bjarnason Böðvarsson in many words and it will not be done further here.  This filtered gold bark and joy-giver is now stepping on stage at an afternoon concert in Eyrarbakkakirkja on the occasion of the cultural festival  "Secrets of the South"  .

Ragnar will be assisted by Jón Ólafsson, the well-known pianist and Valgeir Guðjónsson, rhythm guitar player. Together, Jón and Valgeir form the duet Rugguhestarnir, but both children listened to Ragnar's song without sitting on a rocking horse, which he wanted to do at the time.


The resume of the lead singer, which spans sixty years of a successful career, will be reviewed. Emphasis will be placed on quality presentations between songs and light strings will be struck if any are found.


The concert starts at 16:00 punctually. Attention is drawn to the fact that the seats of Eyrarbakkakirkja are unnumbered.


Ticket sales at - you can also order tickets for groups
or hope for the best and buy a ticket at the entrance

Location:        Eyrarbakki Church
         Kr. 2,500

Saturday     April 5th
    April 6

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