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Búðarhamar, one of Eyrarbakki's most significant buildings, stands by Eyrargata and is number 32.


Búðarhamar is a spacious three-storey stone house built in 1916 by Andrés Jónsson, a shipowner from Stokkseyri. Andrés chose the house's unique location in terms of views, weather and transportation. Then  had him draw and build the house at the same time as a commercial and residential building.  Nothing was spared and thick concrete was in the whole house, whether it was walls, floor and ceiling and two auspicious stairs, which lead up along the whole house equally to the south and north.


The ground floor was designed as a store with street-side windows and a spacious storage basement below. The main floor as an apartment with large living rooms, high  ceiling height, decorative moldings and rosettes and everything that belonged to and adorned the houses of better citizens out in the big wide world. A drying room and a room for assistants were in the attic.

Búðarhamar is the first electrified house in Eyrarbakki and people came from all over to see the glorious light.  Kaupfélag and various types of shops were for the longest time on the ground floor. Landsbankinn later bought the ground floor and the basement for its branch, which had been operated on the floor for many years. Then the deep basement came in handy for safekeeping.


  The ground floor is now used as Bakkastofa's event hall for cultural vigils, courses and rentals for meetings and conferences.


Bakkastofa maintains old customs from the time when homes were the main venue for gatherings. Therefore, the main floor is used alongside the ground floor and guests enjoy homely living quarters with furniture and memorabilia from the time of the 19th and 20th century mansions. Non-traditional facilities are well-suited to break up daily patterns and have, among other things, been useful for workplace policy meetings that call for sanctification, creative thinking and stillness.  


Búðarhamar in the spring evening

Læknishús and Búðarhamar far away

bakkastofa - eyrargata 32, 820 Eyrarbakki / / tel. 821 2428 - 561 2429

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