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Bakkastofa's programs

Valgeir plays and sings

Love says

Guests enjoy

With Bakkastofuhjón  we welcome guests with speech and tones and togetherness whether they come  in crowds  or small groups, all year round. 

Smaller groups pick us up
  home to the Old Living Rooms in Bakkastofa but  programs for larger groups usually take place in the Old Freezer Hall across the street.  

When time allows, walk through the village and then often stop by  in Bakkastofa and in
Húsinu - Bygðassafn Árnesinga.
We meet the expectations of each group and tailor the programs based on them.


The program is supervised by the housewife and the storyteller  Love  Kristrún.

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The way it is used ...

Guests enjoy

Our programs are all kinds and variety  combination of  music performance, story time and togetherness.


We  we emphasize content and intimacy with visitors  all of our programs, regardless of the number of guests.  


The agendas are perfect for uplifting trips but also for conferences and meetings  in unconventional situations.

Hosts respond to English and Scandinavian when companies and institutions invite foreign partners
"different"  out to dinner, with a program and accompanying.


When the number of guests exceeds 25 people, the programs are held in Bakkastofusalinn across the street, in the former
the operating room of the Old Freezing House.


The hall has been decorated in an unconventional way, and is embracing for all kinds of music and cultural events.  


Whether programs take place in the old  Bakkastofu or in Bakkastofusalur can  guests come with their own weights
before enjoying delicious meals.

For those who choose to stay and stay longer with us in the village, there are various options. Bakkastofa comes with suggestions  what can be experienced on the historic Eyrarbakki.


She also attracts her guests  by contacting the links of the places they are interested in visiting.

Bakki Hostel has on  to arrange particularly high-quality guest apartments at good prices, but also hostel rooms with equipped quality bunk beds and access to  fully equipped cooking facilities, dining room 
and good sanitation.


First of all, there is the unique experience of walking through the village and perceiving the spirit of the past and walks along sandy beaches, which evoke both relaxation and energy.


Húsið, Byggðasafn Árnesinga is one of the oldest houses in the country, which contains both unique historical events as well as significant objects and monuments. The Seamen's Museum is part of the Regional Museum and stands to the east of the tufts.


Sa mkvæmt wishes can organize visits to the irresistible Eyrarbakka the Church, but her story is very interesting

The village has a number of artists and can be visited by arrangement. For example, an artist who carves beautiful birds and an artist who creates beautiful and original
silver jewelry.

Laugabúð has also earned a good reputation for selling Icelandic art and if the store is not open, we at Bakkastofa can explore the possibility of insight.


You can also plan and book horse and kayak trips.


Bakkastofa - Eyrargata 32 820 Eyrarbakki
sími 821 2428 / 821 2426


Fyrir þá sem kjósa að gista og staldra lengur við hjá okkur í þorpinu bjóðast fjölbreytilegir kostir.

Meðal annars hefur Bakki Hostel á  að skipa einkar vönduðum gistiíbúðum á góð verði en einnig hostel-herbergi

með uppbúnum gæðakojum og

aðgangi að  fullbúinni eldunaraðstöðu, matsal 
og góðri hreinlætisaðstöðu.

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