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OUT OF A WIDE FIELD  with Valgeir and Vigdís Vala

Banquet management / Music performance  -  Landmark ceremonies; birthdays, weddings, funerals, gatherings ...

Meetings & Conferences;  in addition to Icelandic, music and speech can be used  English and Scandinavian.

Valli Vala falleg saman IMG_4906 (1).jpg

When there is an opportunity to make one person happy, Valgeir Guðjónsson leaves  across a wide field.


Valgeir's hallmark is not least in his gift of grace  to entice the audience  sarcastic introductions to laws that most Icelanders are familiar with.

Valgeir also has a unique way of mobilizing the audience in harmony and active participation  their programs.

When they are born  Vigdís  Vala  and Valgeir are on a trip together  is characterized  interplay  of them with a rich musical talent and sense of humor when appropriate.  

Valgeir's works number in the seven hundred compositions and texts and therefore of various things that can be included on different occasions. 

Vigdís Vala's songs and lyrics are considered particularly catchy and are considered by many to have the flavor of her father's beloved band, Spilverki þjóðanna.




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Bakkastofa Menningarhús / Bakkastofa Center - tel: +354 - 821 2428/561 2429

EYRARGATA 32, 820 Eyrarbakki, ICELAND

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