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11 - Ásta Júlía Hallgrímsson f. Thorgrím

Ásta Thorgrimssen

Secret thread

Our program "Secret Thread" was created following the publication of a book  Ásta Kristrún  "That which dwells in silence."  


The secret thread is a reference to Matthías Jochumsson's poem 
about the good Jarp,  as Tómas Hallgrímsson
a doctor in Oddi gave the poet

"... between a man and a horse and a dog  hangs secret thread ".

A cultural and entertainment program that combines short and exciting stories of people from all over the country in the past.  


The guiding principle is to maintain and strengthen interest in the heritage of the Icelandic nation,  by connecting the present and the past with the strength of stories and  music.


The project was funded by the Uppbygginarsjóður Suðurlands

26 - Tómas Hallgrímsson.jpg

Tómas Hallgrímsson

Jón Sig_Ingibjörg_01.jpg
Matthías Joch_01.jpg

Jón Sigurðsson and Mrs. Ingibjörg

Matthías Jochumsson

Baldvin Einarsson

Jakobína Jónsdóttir Thomsen

The program was created in book presentations when the book "What stays in the silence" was published before Christmas 2017. The reality of the book stretches back over 200 years and that period happened so many times that have fallen into oblivion and it is interesting to remember, view and discuss.

The Icelandic nation's struggle for sovereignty colored the lives of the people in the country, but that struggle is woven into the scenario and fate of the protagonists in the book. The focus is on the independence struggle, which is reviewed through a direct connection to those who stood in the way, both here at home and in Copenhagen.

Stories  The secret thread focuses on the rich contribution of Icelandic women in the nation's progress and sheds light on their participation.  


They were the harsh living conditions that Icelanders lived in at the time when independence was sought. Today, those days seem to be long gone, even though it is only about a hundred years since the majority of the population lived in abject poverty, hunger, and cold.


It is not least thanks to the solidarity and the charity that was shown in these difficult conditions that the results achieved by the descendants of the present generations are achieved. The loyalty of the many who were more able to those who were less, strengthened diligence, wisdom and courage which is truly worth thanking and  mentioned in a program like this.

Then there is the amazing impact that the experience of previous generations has on those who come after. According to new research in genetics, experiences and experiences are preserved in a kind of genetic memory, and in The Secret Thread, books and books are compared with the experiences and experiences of visitors.  


The legacy and awareness of it is fragile. When live stories are connected  with music that is woven in steadily, the trigger for those who hear and participate is short. Visitors' questions arise more often than not  immediately between stories when you are thirsty for answers. It is also characteristic of the program that many of the guests lurk on additional information that evokes flow and a fun and lively atmosphere.

ásgrímur og húsið.jpg

Ásgrímur Jónsson carries water to the House

It's nice to say that Leyniþráður's visitors are often quick to connect their knowledge and even relate to Ásta Kristrún's stories.

Opinions are exchanged and stories begin to fly between people, guests for great fun and enjoyment.


Grímur Thomsen

Copy of 01_-_Guðmundur_Thorgrímsen_mars_

Guðmundur Thorgrimssen

Sylvia Th_mi.jpg

Sylvia  Thorgrimssen

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