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Concert program in English for foreign tourists and Icelanders who care about the national heritage of our ancient literature.

Here you will find some songs from the Saga Musica section, in the author's working edition.

Multimedia project


In addition to being a concert program, Saga Musica is also a multimedia project that is well suited to changing landscapes in the publishing of music and poetry.

Saga Musica consists of 15 original songs and lyrics by Valgeir Guðjónsson, which cover the archetypes of Icelandic sagas and deal with life during the settlement period. This is Valgeir's passion project and which he wants to make his contribution to the Icelandic cultural heritage, on the occasion of his 70th birthday.

The project, the text of the songs and the stories are in English. The Icelandic sagas have never been particularly accessible, let alone to foreign guests, and Saga Musica therefore has a certain uniqueness in that respect. This combination of music and literature, represented by Saga Musica, is a definite innovation in the dissemination of historical heritage.  

Part of the project is a book - through the songs a plot is drawn and each song is accompanied by an illustrated short story. Together, the lyrics of the songs and the stories form one big whole, where two different individuals are followed through sour and sweet and how their lives are intertwined in a magnificent and cruel way. This will be a fateful story in the spirit of the Icelandic sagas.


​ The stories will be read aloud and on top of the reading there will be a mixed world of sound, which is said when listening, as if the listener is inside the story. The songs are then woven seamlessly between the stories, and thus the experience becomes like listening to a film.​

Bakkastofa Menningarhús / Bakkastofa Center - tel: +354 - 821 2428/561 2429

EYRARGATA 32, 820 Eyrarbakki, ICELAND

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