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Bright Sundays at Eyrarbakki

After a peculiar time where we have all had to hold hands, the idea arose to open new chakras with the joint contribution of good people.


This time, all events will be offered free of charge and are a kind of Kóf - a gift to the guests who come to Eyrarbakki this Sunday in October.

We aim for all 4 Sundays  ( 4, 11, 18 and 25 ) at 13 - 16, with thematic events. There will be short short artistic and informative posts about the characteristics of Bakkan and its surroundings in the past and present.


1.  Natural sciences 

2. Literature drama and history

3. Music


  During the events, however, the themes will be intertwined, for example when discussing birds and the Bird Sanctuary in Flói and the geology of the Eyrasvæði area and Flói.  There will also be singing about birds and artists who use birds in their creation will present a sample of their work.

Music performances will also be interwoven when poetry readings and performances of short plays and readings from Bakkabókur take place.

None of the Sunday programs will be as composed and once they have been put together, they will be published on Bakkastofa's website, Húsinn; Byggðasafn Árnesinga,  the website of the Municipality of Árborg and on the page of the Bright Sundays of Facebook, where open events can be found.


Bakkastofa manages and organizes the events in collaboration with artists, scholars and good villagers.

There will be a pop-up cultural market with clothing for most ages though  every Sunday in the hall of Bakkastofa, which is housed in the Old Freezing House.


In the hall  Bakkastofa also has a sales exhibition of works by the visual artist Jón Vilhjálmur Stefánsson, which should be traced
to Húsinn, which now houses the Árnesingar Regional Museum. You can bid on the works and thus acquire significant works at a good price.  


Guests are invited to start a game in the Bakkastofa Music Hall, where refreshments are offered with southern donuts, coffee, water and juices.  

You can also find out more about this  about everyday events.

The main stage of events will be the Assembly Hall  in Gamla frystihúsið, Bakkastofa   The Regional Museum in Húsin, Eyrarbakkakirkja and nature itself if and when the weather allows.

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