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Bright Sundays on Advent

Opens programs for families and friends  all ages

Nov 29 - 6 Dec and 9 Dec.

á  between 13 and 16

Ásta Kristrún tells stories of the "old Santas" 
and uses sources  Árna Björnsson ethnologist.

Short plays with the manifestations of these strange creatures are followed by singing and playing.
Hera Fjord and Hafþór Unnarsson actors together with playwright Hulda Ólafsdóttir  stage  behavior of some of these strange creatures.


Valgeir plays and sings Christmas songs in an old spirit.


Visitors are activated in questions and answers about the content of Christmas in everyone's minds as they chase after what has changed. The chat is moderated by Hera Fjord and Hafþór.

The carved Old Santa Clauses that adorn the village's lighthouses will be in place and weather permitting  will go for a walk between the poles.

Guests look at the Christmas exhibition of Húsinn Byggðasafn Árnesingar, where you can see the oldest trees in the country and experience a mysterious Christmas atmosphere.


One of Bakkastofa's Christmas windows

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