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"The city by the river"

the white river has long been searching for an estuary
as the darkness shines with light
she threads the channel knows the clump of rocks
and a grove where the summer flowers spring

under the mountain ingólfs mix blood
and bind on and suction
  in the same flood
the glacial lake seeks further
and the city looks at the boundaries of rivers and countryside

    the city by the river the city of bliss
    the message to you is praise to you
    from beach to hillside and the beauty of the bay
    is a colorful human life - so the loon expresses to me


the river flows its ocean awaits
over the arch arches wide
like ancient waves breaking on sand
and the blessing of good spirits illuminates the land


     the city by the river the city of bliss
     the message to you is praise to you
     may we flourish in sour and sweet
     in the southwest, northeast sunshine and wet



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We can only be moved and grateful to have achieved the goal of being able to bring Árborg óð in the form of poetry and song.

Last night, the festival Summer in Selfoss culminated with singing on the slopes and burning, but also with the premiere of a poem and song by Valgeir.   It was a beautiful trio from Eyrarbakki that took the stage in a light southeast wind and performed the song for our good bands.


There is a reason to introduce the artists as we are posting the song temporarily here on FB.

They  Valgeir Guðjónsson, Vigdís Vala Valgeirsdóttir and  Gísli Ragnar Kristjánsson sings the song.

Musical instruments and recording:

Guitar, Pétur Valgarð Pétursson,

Piano, Tómas Jónsson,

Bass and drums, Jóhann Ásmundsson,

Recording and finishing all: Stúdíó Paradís, Jóhann Ásmundsson and Ásmundur Jóhannsson

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