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Love's Stories
A peek into the family chest

A superb storytelling performance Eyrarbakki and how visionary active inhabitants turned it from a stagnant society into a modern one.

Ásta Kristrún, opens a fascinating box of dramatic stories as she has strong family roots in old Eyrarbakki Village.


have guitar, will  travel ...

Valgeir's collorful career spans over four decades and hits by the  boxes.
A relaxed and spontaineous performer he has many stories and comments to go along with his varied music.  Valgeir performs in English and Scandinavian, and yes - also in Icelandic.


where time stopped ticking

One  of the first places settled in the 800´s, Eyrabakki was the busiest port and trading place in Iceland for almost a Millennium.

The atmosphere and soul of the village brings one back in time, complimented by the closeness to nature and the Elements.

Our grand EBB program  option is for guests who like a deeper experience of Eyrarbakki - the people, the culture and the atmosphere.

Saga Music and Storytelling  is followed by a visit  to the unique Heritage Museum "Húsið", the home of Ásta's ancestors, and nearby Eyrarbakki Church. 

The visit is completed with a hearty meal at restaurant "Rauða húsið".
Outdoor activities, Horseriding and Kayaking are optional, so please click for more!

Bakkastofa Winter Programs

In wintertime Bakkastofa offers seasonal programs with a special emphasis on the old Icelandic Yuletide traditions.

Went  further information:



Bakkastofa - a  Home and a Culture House

The home and workplace of Ásta Kristrún and Valgeir, masters of receiving guests and leaving them with a lasting memory of a good and giving time had.

   one of Iceland's top musical artists, is known for his relaxed and spontaneous style when performing his works.  Ásta, a storyteller by natue,  takes her guests on a trip to another day and  with her dramatic tales of her Eyrarbakki ancestors.

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