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Sales exhibition - Paintings and concerts.

The first work we present is "Poplag in G major" (164.5 X 121.5) which hardly needs explanation. Interested parties should follow the cliff through Bakkastofa or Valgeir's message board.  - Also by e-mail

It can be said that Jón Vilhjálmur Stefánsson, Ásta Kristrún's nephew, is a kind of court painter for Bakkastofa. The music hall on the ground floor of Gamla Kaupfélagshús, where Bakkastofa is located, is adorned with colorful works by Jón Vilhjálm. It goes well to connect Valgeir's music with the works of JVS, as many of them are painted under the influence of Bakkastofubóndi's music.

Ever since we moved to Eyrarbakki, we have been holding a painting exhibition with works by Jón Vilhjálmur, as his great-grandmother Ásta Júlía was born in "Húsinu", but she was also Ásta Kristrún's great-grandmother.

Jón Vilhjálmur grew up in Berkeley by the Gulf of San Francisco and graduated from the University of Berkeley's art academy. He has held many exhibitions and paintings like never before.


Valgeir regularly sends music west to California to the Sacramento band where Jón Vilhjálmur lives and the music inspires him. The pictures, many of which are sunny, look back north and here to Eyrarbakki, where the artist's roots lie.

We do not look forward to holding an exhibition  this spring as planned and we are going to start a game here on Facebook.
This is a sales exhibition and every work sold is greeted with a friendly private concert in Bakkastofa's concert hall.

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