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Facilities for meetings in the autumn and Advent

Advent, Christmas and New Year invitations for the extended family and other groups 

We in Bakkastofa  we have created a framework for families who want to come together for Advent and  Christmas.


Currently, with the arrival of in-laws and grandchildren, families are growing  and sometimes it can be difficult to accommodate the whole group - but the strain on the Christmas party can also be overwhelming.

Í  sal  We offer the old Frystihús in Eyrarbakki, where Bakkastofa has facilities  an old-fashioned homely atmosphere with Christmas trees and Christmas refreshments, Christmas stories and Christmas carols where Valgeir and Ásta contribute.

Guests can also go over to Bakkastofa, which is across the street, and walk around the staterooms, which fit well as a setting for family photography. Then you can weave in a walk around our beautiful old  village, look at  in Eyrarbakkakirkja and on  Christmas tree exhibition "The House".

There is plenty to do to make your big family Christmas a good and rewarding time

It is ideal for families to plan and prepare games and small events, as with Bakkastofubændur  we enjoy helping  to implement.  


For example  secret Christmas gifts, almond gifts that are always appreciated, Danish-Swedish tradition that has become ingrained in many people. Then there are the customs and habits of the family to review and so on. 

Families coming from the capital area can book a bus trip with the help of Bakkastofa and then it can be said that the party starts immediately on the bus, when people meet and compare the books.


We start the Family Christmas in the second half of November, through Advent between Christmas and New Year and continue the first week of the new year.  


Christmas coffee bread and steaming chocolate from our restaurant  The red house can be ordered for the party or light  a Christmas meal, depending on your wishes.

The basic fee which is ISK  50,000 includes  entertainment and facilities.

Bakki Hostel is an excellent guesthouse at a good price with made-up bunk beds and crackling linen and well-equipped hotel apartments in addition.    

Our good hall in Frystihúsið
The winter is beautiful at Bakkan!

Bakkastofa - Eyrargata 32, 820 Eyrarbakki / / tel. 821 2428 - 561 2429

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