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Valgeir Guðjónsson, musician, and Ásta Kristrún Ragnarsdóttir, study counselor and place manager, are the hosts of Bakkastofa.


For years, they have made a name for themselves in the field of culture and education and live and work in a nearly 100-year-old shopping center on the main street of the village.


Ásta Kristrún and Valgeir uniquely combine home and a platform for personal programs and courses for people of all ages. See programs ...

The little music corner

Photo to Lára - Vigdís Vala and Valgeir G. 

Soup, song, stories, walks ...


Valgeir and Ásta Kristrún receive moderately large groups who want to treat themselves and their children and enjoy togetherness in the beautiful, historic and fresh surroundings of Eyrarbakki.


Togetherness, stories and walks make people shuffle their souls and bodies on meaningful and joyful notes.

The visits range from visits to stays from afternoon to afternoon and Bakkastofa takes care of all facilities.


Bids are made for each group based on the composition of the program and the compensation.

The cultural and restaurant center in Eyrarbakki now offers Icelanders an Advent and New Year's program in the spirit of the old days. The setting and locations of this unique historic village are ideal for reviving the old Christmas mood as a choice and counterbalance to other options in the Christmas buffet culture that has taken root in recent decades.


Christmas stories and music in Eyrarbakkakirkja are the prelude to a festive meal in the Red House. The Christmas menu takes into account Icelandic Christmas customs in the 20th century when the Christmas lamb and the ham were the focus. Although the old days were not characterized by bean and vegetable steaks, they are still part of the festive menu at Eyrarbakki.


The Danish apple cakes that first went to the Icelanders' table in the "House" in Eyrarbakki, egg and cream pudding, almond porridge with winnings, chocolate with whipped cream, stripes and cookies are our "Old Christmas" in Eyrarbakki.


And the secret weapon on the menu is the Forged Turtle, a favorite collection from the 19th century!

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