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The 19th century delicacy on the festive menu is the Betrayed Turtle.

A fake turtle has a 300-year history that began in England. The turtles came from colonies in the Caribbean and it became a status symbol to offer the guests a treat because the supplies were only within the reach of the bourgeoisie. As a result, more fuel-efficient chefs began to use richer meats and special fish balls to capture the aroma of the sea and the land, the two turtle ecosystems.

The Betrayed Turtle became so famous that it became a protagonist in Lewis Carrol's book about Lisa in Wonderland. There, the cheated turtle was a source of puns such as the one from the infamous Queen of Hearts that she was the ingredient in the soup of the same name.

It is probable that Svikna skjaldbakan was first cooked in an Icelandic pot in the "House" in Eyrarbakki. Factoress Silvía Thorgímsen and her daughters spent a long time in Denmark and mastered the Danish cuisine, which was held in high esteem at the generous home in the "House".


Her daughter Ásta Júlía later became the first Icelandic citizen to receive a license to teach cooking and the Betrayed Turtle was part of her arsenal. Ásta Júlía's recipe has been preserved in her teacher's recipe books and the basic recipe is followed as needed.

The fake turtle that is placed on the table at the old Christmas in the Red House is therefore based on well-known old recipes. Late taste and sense of taste are met, without the original taste and magic disappearing. 

Christmas stories and music in Eyrarbakkakirkja are the prelude to a festive meal in the Red House. The Christmas menu takes into account Icelandic Christmas customs in the 20th century when the Christmas lamb and the ham were the focus.


Although the old days were not characterized by bean and vegetable steaks, they are still part of the festive menu at Eyrarbakki.



The Danish apple cakes that first went to the Icelanders' table in the "House" in Eyrarbakki, egg and cream puddings, almond porridge with winnings, chocolate with whipped cream, stripes and cookies -  it is our "Old Christmas" in Eyrarbakki.

Forged turtle

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