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A hot book delivered to the Women's Library

Ásta Kristrún Ragnarsdóttir, author of the book  That which remains in the silence  recently delivered to Konubókastofa the first copy of his genealogical novel.

It was fitting that Anna Jónsdóttir, the director of Konubókastofa, received the first copy of a genealogical novel written by a woman about the life of significant women who have lived in silence. Anna then took over the hot book and got the author to write well-chosen words on that occasion.


In the Women's Library, there is silence and devotion that fuels the need to look into the countless folds of women who fill shelves everywhere.

Ásta Kristrún's genealogical novel goes back more than two hundred years, as Ásta interweaves her experiences and memories from her childhood, but the book covers the stories of her eight ancestors. Throughout the stories, the reader travels a long way back to the time when our poor nation put the struggle for freedom in the foreground and all the way to the present day.
Eyrarbakki and Húsið is one of the main areas of the book.

Although Ásta Kristrún's wives did not make it to the story because of their participation in the fight for a better life for the nation, they were no less active than the men they met.

When reading the book, one can see that magnificent thoughts and the struggle for a better life are more often than not accompanied by sacrifices, even if they are miscarriages. Ásta felt it was time to bring to light both the intelligence and the courage of her ancestors, who have been in the silence of the ages for far too long.


Ásta says that it has not been easy to find a narrative path that spans such a wide period, but the first chapters are written in the spirit of the past and thus not as fast-read as those that follow when the reader moves closer to the present. She says that in the end she hopes that these intertwined childhood memories and the stories she weaves from them will make me happy and make readers happy.

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