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Valgeir's music in Bakkastofa


Lava in  Öxnadal
Valgeir's song with a poem by Hannes Hafstein

BIDJUM UM FRID MASTERVigdís Vala og Valgeir
00:00 / 04:45
HRAUN Í ÖXNADALValgeir Guðjónsson
00:00 / 03:59

Bakkastofa is a true music hall. Valgeir bóndi is an active carpenter of songs and lyrics and here you can hear a few fragments that have been created in the breathtaking atmosphere of Eyrarbakkastrand.


"The city by the river" / song and poem: VG


Vigdís Vala Valgeirsdóttir sings a difficult poem about her mother's sister Lára Margrét.

Here Valgeir is taking the song "Another Great Unfinished Song" to great accompaniment from foreign guests.

Saga Musica

Some work samples

Valgeir of law from

History of the Musica Law Museum.

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