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The atmosphere is amazing in Gamla Frystihúsið in Eyrarbakki! It is common to associate the programs with the consumption of delicious soup and homemade bread from the Red House,  our wonderful restaurant.
Smaller groups enjoy the same in Bakkastofa, across the street. 
Togetherness in speech and tones
The singer-songwriter

The housewife in Bakkastofa, Ásta Kristrún, traces her ancestry to "Húsið" in the fifth generation from the honorable couple Guðmundur Thorgrímssen and Sylvía Níelsdóttir.

They  did many good and needed works on Eyrarbakki in the second half of the 19th century, so I remember.  From them a great family has grown and s generations have been preserved in the family, from generation to generation.  


Ásta Kristrún grew up with these stories and loves to share them, because they are large and dramatic in form and shed light on the past that can be learned from.

Þorri Íslendingar and most intelligent domestic animals are aware of Valgeir Guðjónsson's existence, his music and lyrics. He has traveled extensively in his creations and finds it rather tricky to choose songs that suit his audience at any given time.


As one of the main bridge keepers of the Eyrabakki Bridge , Valgeir steps on the deck in Bakkastofa, Rauða húsið or Frystihúsið  as the case may be and sets foot on land if requested.

The repertoire covers a wide range of Valgeir's works, including those that share the letter S as identification: Spilverk  of nations,  Stuðmenn, Saga Music and the artist's so-called solo career. 

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