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 A ðventu  and  New Year's program

Bakkastofa is responsible for the Advent and New Year register  in the coming months. This is the case  collaborative projects of parties that are active in cultural work on  Eyrarbakki.

The program is primarily intended for employees of local NGOs and extended families  who want to enjoy a good time in the run-up to Christmas and New Year in the winter romance of the South Coast.  


In the spirit of Eyrarbakki, the emphasis is on music, a story tradition with a Christmas twist and a varied Christmas menu. 

Live music


Live music with Valgeir Guðjónsson in the lead, but he gets guest singers to join him when the time comes.

Christmas stories


Live stories with a dialogue.  Christmas stories and traditions from earlier times  to the present  and where they came from.  Ásta Kristrún and Valgeir Guðjónsson.

Christmas show in the House


Christmas romance  and a return to the past are present in the other  mark Árnesingar Regional Museum, "Húsinu".  The museum's Christmas tree exhibition has enjoyed great popularity  are the trees shown there among them  the oldest preserved  in the country.

Children's program

Content-rich Christmas programs for families with children are held on Sundays.  There are Christmas stories told, sung,  danced and warmed up for the festival. 

Place - culture


Staður is the social home of Eyrbekkingar and   will be a reception center for guests who attend our programs and there will also be various programs. Arrangement of items and  scopes are formulated in consultation with groups.

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