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John William Stephenson (1946)

A grandson of Eyrarbakki, JWS employs strong, bright colors in an expression of life and the outside world, often marrying physics with the spirit of human tenacity. His themes frequently refer to the wondrous scientific phenomenon the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), where the smallest and largest dimensions of the universe as man presently knows it are in focus.

Stephenson traveled to Iceland in July 2012 in order to display his works at the opening of the Harbor Loft International Gallery.The opening exhibition was a success both positive feedback as selling.

The Artist

John William Stephenson, who is a son of an Icelandic mother and an English father, was born in the United States in North Dakota. He  moved at an early age to northern California where he got his education in Art at the UC Berkeley Academia.


The Icelandic Heritage
and its influence

Despite having lived in Iceland for only a single year during his youth, Stephenson's creativity traces its roots back to Iceland his native country. His grandmother, Kristrún Hallgrímsson, was an Icelandic artist who was the first woman pianist to graduate as a soloist and teacher, a course of study that she completed while painting avidly, employing the Old Icelandic cross-stitch in her works. "

In addition, Kristrún was deeply interested in astronomy and subscribed to various astronomical publications, and so it is evident that her grandson inherited many of her galactic interests. ”

Windy - 33 X 44

Blues in G - 33 X 44

Boom and Bust - 33 X 44

Fly By  - 33 X 44

Joy - 33 X 44

Invitation - 33 X 44

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