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September 29 in Bakkastofa

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Jón Vilhjálmur Ásta Kristrún  í Bakkasto
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There will be a festival in town in Bakkastofa the first Saturday  October, when we open a painting exhibition  one of the sons of Eyrarbakki,
Jón Vilhjálmur Stefánsson.

Not only that, but there will be a concert with the house band Þríeykin on the same day.

They are Valgeir Guðjónsson, Vigdís Vala Valgeirsdóttir
and Magnús Oddsson.

The exhibition and the concert are in
The old cold store.

The exhibition opens at  15
and the concert starts at 17.

Ásta Kristrún and Valgeir introduce the artist and his connection to Eyrarbakki at 15 and 16.

Admission is offered by Árborg.

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