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Nemanet - a course for those who are starting their studies in the 10th grade

Location: Bakkastofa in Eyrarbakki. Ath. limited number of courses   

Maximum number:  12 participants 

Duration:  2 days / 11:00 - 17:00  and 10 -17
On day 2 breakfast and light outdoor activities from 8:30 - 10 am


  • teaching in the Nemanet learning method for about half an hour

  • outdoor activities and refreshments 60 min,

  • study work realistic projects  for two hours

  • examples and discussions 

  • on the second day a demonstration and discussion with relatives at the end of the course

  • dinner and supper, outside and inside.

One year subscription to Nemaneti, light accommodation and bunk accommodation  included in the price,

Price:  kr 36  thousand


  • Further information on the arrangement will be sent to participants upon booking.

  • Students bring their own laptops

  • Bakkastofa takes care of book options that are used according to the curriculum in each year group


  • Bakkastofa, handles information about students as confidential.

  • It is important to obtain information on special educational needs as well as on obstacles of a social or physical nature.
    Also if the participant has allergies and is using medication.

  • Computers will be in the custody of the course organizer outside the study sessions, except according to special requests.

  • The use of a mobile phone is generally not permitted during study sessions and it is not allowed to have a phone set to sound or talk on a mobile phone in a sleeping area.



  • It is important that participants have clothes to change anyway  due to indoor or outdoor activities.

  • Replacement of shirts or thin sweaters is suitable for sweating.

  • Swimwear and towels are suitable if there are occasions for swimming trips outside the study period.

  • Duvets and sheets are provided on site.

  • Permission from participants and relatives will be sought before photos taken during the course are published.

Information and bookings at

561-2429 and 821 2428 / Ásta Kristrún 

The Nemanet method and study tool promote:

  • reading comprehension

  • concentration
  • endurance
  • memory
  • independence in homework / study work 
  • separation of points and points
  • expression of the reading material
  • Proofreading procedures
  • procedures for solving tests
  • Arrangement of preservation  study material and notes

bakkastofa - eyrargata 32, 820 Eyrarbakki / / tel. 821 2428 - 561 2429

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