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Learning and the skills that everyone acquires and masters are one of the main foundations of a successful society.
It is therefore important that students tackle their studies firmly and reap as well as they can.


In the technological age in which we live, it is quite remarkable that electronic solutions related to learning and the acquisition of knowledge should not be everywhere.


It is true that there is a large supply of electronic study material in various forms, but there is a lack of tools and methods related to the study itself, whether the material is presented electronically or not.

Ásta Kristrún addresses Indian engineering students,
Nemanet's first experienced users in a new model

The Nemanet learning tool is now coming to light after a long creative process, with the help of an Indian software house that has managed to overcome the obstacles that previously delayed the movement.

In the picture above, Ásta Kristrún explains the device to a group of Indian engineering students who take part in the Nemanets tests. Then you can see here to the right.


This is mentioned here to emphasize that Nemanet can be activated quickly and efficiently in different languages and the other is that learning is a common issue that does not ask about class, status or ethnicity.

Just over 12 years ago, Ásta Kristrún, a study counselor, got the idea to webise her theories and methods to support students for good works. In the light of time, it can be stated that this idea was ahead of both its contemporaries and the capabilities of the World Wide Web in the first years of the century.


Now the technology has finally managed to meet the author's demands for an agile, powerful learning tool that can be used anywhere and anytime.

There was no lack of concentration when the woman in the north spoke to the Indian students

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