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Valgeir's songs and lyrics have touched and stirred various strings  Icelanders for almost 50 years. His work has been heard on a variety of levels - in concerts, dances, on radio, television and movies, in homes, schools, churches, at home and abroad, and so on.

VG is known for his good sense of humor and relaxed demeanor when performing his songs and lyrics. He can read his audience and it's just plain fun on the terrace when he carries his clicks and slams.

In recent years, the man has held a number of small concerts at his home in Eyrarbakki, where the intimacy and relaxed atmosphere can be enjoyed. Guests often ask for wishes and all sorts of fun exchanges take place.

The musician Valgeir sets foot on land if requested and he  often goes to all quarters of the country.

If the artist's power is desired, the email address is and phone 821 2428

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