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Saga Musica is a music vigil with songs and lyrics  Valgeir. Each song says  breathtaking  a story that together form one whole. They all take place during the settlement period and have a direct reference  in Íslendingasögurnar. Visitors get an insight into the conditions and mentality of the settlement age, adventures, sailing and the minds of the people who settled in the new land.  The idea revolves around introducing the national heritage of the stories to foreign visitors, in an accessible way.

Saga Music did not exist overnight and stretches everything  back in Valgeir's childhood when he spent a full five summers  at Galtarvita west of Ísafjarðardjúp. In the house of the lighthouse keeper, which was full of books, the mind wandered. As time went on, Jón Böðvarsson opened the door to the Icelandic sagas to him and other MH members


20 years later Valgeir sailed like that  at GAIA, 30 meters  Viking ship, a detailed reconstruction of the Norwegian Gaukstaðarskip from the ninth century.  In eight days we sailed from Bergen to Kirkwall in the Orkney Islands where there was a big storm.


A few years later, Valgeir came with one leg to Washington DC where he worked on compositions for  TV shows  which were shown on the Dicovery Channel and the Public Broadcasting Service. It so happened that Valgeir had the initiative for a PBS documentary about the Icelandic meeting in the west.  


We took shooting trips to Greenland and Newfoundland   an survey of settler areas in both Newfoundland, where historical sites were examined and photographed.

Still  the connection with Íslandingasögur and landafundi continues  to give Valgeir Nordic inspiration.   Living in Eyrarbakki has inspired him about Bjarni Herjólfsson's search for his father emigrated,  to Greenland.


The voyage began in the vicinity of Eyrbakki, where we sailed from Ölfusárós.  Bjarni's ship drifted off in a storm and finally hit an unknown, wooded shore. However, there was a lack of glaciers that Bjarni was aware of being found everywhere in Greenland. He chose to turn his ship overboard and sail to more countries before realizing that he was heading in the wrong direction.
Again the starboard direction was chosen and Bjarni finally found his father, named Herjólfsnes, at the mouth of Eiríksfjörður.


Valgeir has followed all of this for years with bottomless interest and reading Icelandic sagas  and mythology. That is  no wonder, however, such cultivars appeal to man.

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