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A visit to Bakkastofa


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They have become many Icelandic and foreign groups who have enjoyed more fun  engaged in Bakkan under the banner of storytelling and music and cozy togetherness.

The composition and type of groups vary, either  families, friends, co-workers, NGOs and so on.  

Valgeir and Ásta Kristrún, enjoy  of receiving good people and having a creative and rewarding time with them.


No one seems to have left Bakkastofa's house unhappy yet  house after a generous dose of home-made art.

It's easy to book an appointment with us,
whether by phone call or email. & phone  821-2428


The programs at home in Bakkastofa are based  the number of guests
20 - 25 people but when the number is higher
we usually keep them
  in Bakkastofusalur in the operating room of Gamla Frystihús, 
  of the street from Gömla Bakkastofa.

We also accept smaller groups
by agreement

We work closely with Húsin, Byggðasafn Árnesinga, Eyrarbakkakirkja, and the restaurants
The Red House and
  The blue sea.

Then we have the opportunity when things are going well  to lead  guests 
into Eyrarbakkakirkja to
  enjoy devotion, a short story by Ásta Kristrún  and  Valgeir's sweet tones.


Do not forget to mention it  to book Bakkastofa's programs outside Eyrarbakki.

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