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Bakkastofa  Literature Hour

Bakkastofa Literature Hour

Reykjavík is appointed a UNESCO City of Literature, so  Icelandic books and authors must be very noteworthy indeed! Our  literature is a facinating prove of a small nation can produce great art.

From the celebrated  Sagas to recent works of facts and fiction -  we in Bakkastofa take pleasure in giving you an eyeopening overview of our National Treasure: 
Icelandic Writing.  


We talk about authors and their works, read from translations of selected works and discuss.  Welcome to the bookside of Iceland!


ISK 2,900  / Pre Booked  Groups  Only -  10 or more
or by special arrangement.


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bakkastofa eyrargata 32, 820 eyrarbakki / - 821 2428 -www.

Vala, Ásta and Valgeir´s daughter is a singer / songwriter like her father. The two of them like to record together and join each other on stage, Listen to Vala´s haunting vocal in Valgeir´s song - Mynd til Láru


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