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Twilight and Advent

Jólagluggi nærmynd betri.jpg

At Eyrarbakki, the autumn and Advent twilight is activated  in the stories of song and food in the stomach.

Odum is shortened to Advent, which we associate with both sacred customs and strange creatures, 
but also with the need to share pleasant moments with the family,
friends and colleagues.

At the beginning of November, we will start with mixed programs of various kinds
but not least we use Árni Björnsson's gold mine as material and igniter.


We recall folklore that springs from darkness  and resources  in times of scarcity
mixed with lightness
  with music and a coffee or dinner table in the spirit of Advent.

We will soon be introducing a fun treasure hunt
which is based on our own ancient and all-Icelandic Santa Clauses.

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