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Guest reviews


We at Bakkastofa love it when guests send us reviews of their experience of visiting us.


Here are some for information:

" We were so happy with this wonderful and
  a wonderful time we had with you ...
  Thanks again for everything. "


"A fun experience, lively but no less educational."  


"Came a pleasant surprise, informative, lively and wonderful joy that filled every nook and cranny."

"Absolutely great!"


"Very fun - great to visit them at home and very informative. They are both geniuses at welcoming guests."


"Recommend this for refreshing inquisitive groups."  


"Very fun! Ásta tells a fun story and they are both fun characters. It didn't hurt when Valgeir started playing the guitar and singing."


"Inviting people, strangers into their living room to tell them a story and sing and play for them is exceptionally special and fun."  


"The spirit in Bakkastofa is exceptionally good, as is the couple's presence in the house".


"The history of women  from the "House" The Regional Museum is extremely informative and fun. The story of the women in Ásta's family is so special, fun and informative that it needs to be included in a book ".  


"On behalf of our sisters in booth No. 14, I've going to Elizabeth IOOF  thank the couple Ásta
and Valgeir for a great reception in Bakkastofa with fun information from the life of the ancestors at Bakkan and beautiful music performances. A great time that is safe to recommend ".


"Dear couple Ásta and Valgeir. A thousand kisses to you for a great reception. See you again!"


"The bank is the place ..."  


"and Valgeir is the man ..."


"Thank you very much for my love Ásta Kristrún. It was great to come to you yesterday in Bakkastofa.
Huge kisses to you! "


"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for a wonderful reception and an unforgettable evening".


"The most fun concert I've been to in a long time!"


"Thank you for a wonderful evening at Eyrarbakki!"


bakkastofa - eyrargata 32, 820 Eyrarbakki / / tel. 821 2428 - 561 2429

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