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Readers' reviews

Readers of Ásta Kristrún's book "What Stays in Silence" have been spared  share their feedback with the author.

It has become clear that the content of the book has appealed strongly  to many and different recipients  all ages.  Many of them have  put his experience into words and sent it to Ásta.  Below is a section of these messages and reviews, for information,
without mentioning the sender.

The photos were taken by Zsuzsa Darab at the publishing party of the book, which was held in Iðnaðarmannafélagshúsið on the corner of Lækjagata and Vonarstræti.
The author's father, Ragnar, was born there
  Tómas Árnason, just over a hundred years before the book was published.

From the readers of "Þagnarinn"

Now  I'm half-hearted about your book and I can not put it down, I'm so well written and an educator about our forefathers and fathers. 

Congratulations, this is pure treasure for the family.
I have long been proud of my name but
  now I'm even prouder!

I was finishing the book right in this and have seldom or never been so touched after reading any book. She was extensively artistically written and out of respect for women, men and issues.
The little poet Kristrún from Jörvi can be proud of herself now! Having such a well-documented history of women that one is baptized in the head of (but never met in my case) is nothing but a precious treasure. All these stories have been waiting to be told so well. Thank you for closing the circle and dusting off the dust that has remained in the silence.


Honored and touched to have received this book from and by cousin  Ásta Kristrún  in the post yesterday. As I held it in my hands, I wondered how long it has been since one member of the Thorgrimsen family in Iceland has mailed something to another Thorgrimsen family member in the US ...? Social media has rapidly brought us into contact but it can not replace the delight of receiving something in the mail.

Thank you dear aunt Ásta, this book will forever hold a special place in my collection.   ❤️ ❤️

Dear niece Ásta Kristrún; I was finishing reading your book "What Stays in Silence" The book is very warm and well written and brings the lives of significant women through the leaves of the rose. I love how you connect your own memories with the story of these people. To me, it's invaluable how you unveiled many things I did not know about the history of our ancestors and forefathers.

Hi Ásta, my name is ...
I just wanted to thank you for your book about your ancestors and fathers. I found the book particularly interesting and fun to read. Very fast me. Best wishes.


The accident that Árni Benediktsson landed in Selardalur, the great sea accident. My great-great-grandfather Guðmundur Egilsson was one of those who died in that accident. My great-grandmother was then not pregnant with twins and one of them was my grandfather Guðmundur Guðmundsson from Innsta  Tongue in Tálknafjörður.

Thank you dear cousin for the gift of your book. I wish I could read it but just having it and seeing the photos, your family tree, and recognizing “Grand Forks” “Uncle Hans” and “Dora Margrethe” in the later chapters fills my heart.
It goes without saying that I hope someday it will be translated into English ... maybe a Karolina Fund project?
Thank you again and greetings to you and yours from across the sea.

😊  I'm still enjoying the book even though the reading is long over.


Has come a long way with the book and it is absolutely wonderful.

My love, this is a wonderful book, I have come a long way with it and I enjoy every page. Beautiful language and great storytelling style, the plot is very fascinating, interesting and very informative.


Just to tell you that I received your book a while ago and would like to sincerely congratulate you on the work.  



I really enjoyed reading it. The book is extremely informative, high quality, well put together and not least well written in my opinion.  Supposedly you were an agile pen, but the flying beautiful text pleased me  surprise.

On Christmas night, he immediately grabbed your book and lay over it all night - overwhelmed with dramatic sadness, overwhelmed.

This women's gallery of yours is truly impressive - all these Love and Kristrún.  

Century description - yes. There are no small people involved (but still in supporting roles). President Jón himself, Baldvin Einarsson, Grímur Thomsen (pleasantly related to Ibsen himself), Matti Joch., Gautlandaættin and Haraldur Níelsson (whom grandmother Margrét had framed on her wall as a benefactor, together with Ólafur Friðriksson).  

But this is a feminist story, where (weak) men are in supporting roles. You do this admirably well.  

We admire how gentle you are about the heat sinks.  

Any great poet would be pleased with your account of Kristrún, your grandmother, milking herself to save the life of a sick mother's child -  in spite of everything and in spite of everything. Tolstoy, Dostoevsky and his companions could not have done better.  

The memory of the sea damage in Arnarfjörður as a driving force in Árni's rescue achievement in the hurricane in New England, is artistically connected.

And then the music. Two of these women are studying music abroad. It says more than many words about the cultural heritage of your family.

Dear Ásta, was finishing your book. It is wonderful and well written.
Will be going to bed again.


Dear Ásta, I finished reading this wonderful book, you are an amazing pen, it should be a textbook in schools, your Icelandic is absolutely fantastic. Thanks for me.

Hello Love. I just finished reading your book What Stays in Silence. What a fateful story for many strong women. And then you have an exceptionally good command of Icelandic. Congratulations on an interesting book. 

Happy New Year my dear. Was finishing your book, a very fateful story. The biggest mess in the book is now her husband Guðný, but Árni is also rather incomprehensible ... One thing I wonder about is the long time that passes from the time Kata leaves home until she finds her mother. Did Kristrún give up hope of getting in touch and stop looking for her? Because it is not she who finds Kata, but the opposite. How was it? And what happened to Ásta Júlía who was left with Hans' uncle. Was she ever in a relationship with her siblings in Iceland? Most sadly in most of these stories I do not feel broken love and betrayal, although it is bad I feel worse separation of mother with child or separation of child with siblings

Yes we will hear better the next time we meet, now I'm concentrating on getting out of my flu situation ...

The book gave me a very good insight into the family history of the House, I have not put much into the lives of these people outside of what was on Eyrarbakki. Good post Ásta.

I have long since stopped believing in coincidences. When I go for a walk around my hometown, Hafnarfjörður, I often listen to interviews. Silla's shows are very popular, as she does this as well as my biggest role model in the media, her father.

For some reason I clicked on the episode where you are a guest when I was going to listen to another episode. I was very happy with that.

I listened intently because your wisdom is so deep and your vocabulary so broad and beautiful. I find it incredibly beautiful that you should have written this book with this deep title and I look forward to reading it.

The memories of those who have passed away and of those who say goodbye in the coming years are of great interest to me and very precious. I felt as strong as you talked about the voices and stories of those who were not of the "finest black", but of the black sheep.

Everyone has a story to tell, as Jónas heitinn told me, when I approached him 11 years ago and wanted to become a media woman.

Today I am a double editor and own the start-up company Minningasmiðjan, which I founded when I was an unemployed mother of two daughters 5 years ago.

Once again, thank you for you and mark your interests. Your choice also speaks a very beautiful language and I thought today: "Wow, I could just sit and listen to this couple for 24 hours together."

Sael Asta. Mom (Magga) and Dad gave me their lovely book as a Christmas present and we have read it in between the cards. rattled and scratched about the gorgeous fate of these diligent women. I have ordered the Hall of Memories in the Swedish army at the library (Höganäs - Svithjod) and look forward to reading it. We just wish you knew what this book has given us a lot of hatred, love stuff for tin and tin ...


My grandmother, Gudny Bjarnadottir was from Stapadalur in Arnarfjörður and from Arnardalsaett and maybe there is some connection with Arna Benediktsson. Tad gaeti verid. But we were just so fond of this book, me and mum, google a lot and look. It's so much fun to book a man like that  And instead of just talking about it between us and thinking hard about writing this book, I decided that you should know how much it gave us. 

My dear Ásta Kristrún, thank you for your book! I find it very interesting, especially well written and very sincere. I like the way you handle the material - and you feel so credible.

Besides, the stories of your individual ancestors were so exciting that you could not put the book down until each chapter was over! Achievements to complete this in one year - and so carefully! Congratulations! Carol would have been absolutely proud of his wife!


I want to tell you what your book is good and informative. You deserve a lot of praise for preserving the memory of these remarkable people and passing on the stories of your mom and dad. Your mother would have been very proud of you because she was a storyteller and loved Kristrún so much. I wish I had listened better.

The title of the book is beautiful and your dedication to your parents with the beautiful poem is particularly appropriate. I kept and learned this poem in its time. I actually could not put the book aside after I started reading, but I was still training it like a good piece of candy. These stories have a lot to say today.

Thank you dear.

Thanks for a great time at the publishing fair on Friday! Admittedly, I had to leave the exams early.
I sang this stuff over and over again on the way home, decided to throw it at you ...
Looking forward to reading the book

Now it is a matter of fathers being silent,
because the mother can be measured.
Timely she answers call,
and leave others to admire.

It's stories I've never heard,
but I swear I feel.
Memories  sem  I do not find anywhere,
But where did I get them then?

Hi Ásta and thanks for the last one. I've looked a lot at your book and share with you my interest in the past and ancestors. You do it beautifully, congratulations.

I am attaching for fun a small post about Jón Jóakimsson, my great-great-grandfather, but he is connected to your ancestors in Grenjaðarstaður and enjoyed both healing and good advice. Pistillinn is a retelling from the Yearbook of Þingeyingar, along with various things that have been preserved in the family's story memory. It occurred to me that you enjoyed it.


Nice words you get for your writing and I so agree -
you make life more beautiful!

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