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The coastline of Flói, the so-called Flóarívíera, is a favorite land for outdoor enthusiasts who thrive beyond the uneven terrain. The bird life is rich and varied and the hiking trails are easy to walk. The nature of the countryside and the proximity to the sea and the beaches is an eternal source of refreshing experiences, and clear-sighted photographers find footage on every straw. Here is a favorite place for horsemen and kayakers, who are unanimous in their travels.

Outdoor activities in Eyrarbakki and surroundings

When glaciers retreated at the end of the ice age, seawater flooded over the lowlands of the Gulf. Seas, glaciers and streams left behind mud, glaciers and gravel piles where the land is lowest. The southernmost part of the area, which is closest to the sea, is also covered by lava, where it is mostly covered by thick soil that has since formed.

In the South Gulf are now  in many places tens of meters of soil on top of the lava, in addition to which the flat landscape causes a high level of groundwater and the formation of extensive moors and ponds. The interplay of water and vegetation is uniquely beautiful and makes a strong impression on the country's appearance.

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