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​​Good food in a beautiful environment - something that everyone likes  to experience.  We at Hafnarloftin work with  excellent  restaurants. 

Many people remember the time when Iceland was free of almost all "foreign" food,   what was exotic was often Danish and the consumption of pasta and garlic was almost unknown.  Since then, many lakes have flowed into the sea and Icelanders have smelled of foreign food.

We invite our guests to enjoy a wide range of banquets when compiling a menu for any occasion.

Although Hafnarloftið is not unique  restaurants culture and food go hand in hand  when people come together to rejoice and meet.


Willingness of local authorities to make full use of the uniqueness of Hafnarloft with regard to individuals  dwellings and location, led to the idea of a World Corner table  and its implementation in collaboration with selected restaurants. The theme of the world is easy to connect with the name of the place because oceans and harbors are in the minds of people an artery with the outside world.

With an emphasis on cuisine from different parts of the world mixed with music, stories and the spirit of a distant part of the world, the result can be a kind of journey of experiences.


The corner tables are for both sitting and standing parties and scope  the program that accompanies them, depends on the wishes of groups and guests at any given time.​ .


​​​ The first World Corner Tables are based on  cuisine of India, Mediterranean countries  and Nordic trails.  

Icelandic classic coffee breads such as pancakes, donuts and flatbreads are on offer for groups attending cultural events during the day.

Icelandic menus are prominent as Christmas approaches and groups come together to rejoice in the dark Advent and New Year. The breath of the mountains and cliffs and their inhabitants then take over the visitors to Hafnarloft to immeasurable pleasure.

Contact us for more information on menus and group offers.

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