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Catering at Eyrarbakkabrún

Food is man's side. Eyrarbakki is part of one of the most generous food districts in the country and you can enjoy delicious food from the sea and the countryside here.  two noble restaurants; The red house in the heart of the old village and the Blue Sea, by Óseyrarbrúarsporðinn, where the view of the sea and land is unique.

Visitors to the Eyrarbakki Bridge and Bakkastofa do not have to worry about hunger and vosbúð. It also does not spoil the joy that groups on Eyrarbakkabrún enjoy the best conditions at the two restaurants.

Bakkastofa - Eyrargata 32, 820 Eyrarbakki / / tel. 821 2428 - 561 2429

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