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Shock and devotion in Strandakirkja

Angels and men - Strandarkirkja Music Festival loaded with love, warmth and sweet merriment. The light that the amazing energy returned to the performers and guests at the concert in Strandarkirkja was purely divine.


The title of the concert series "Angels and Men" could not describe the mood that was better created. 

We give the pictures the word and thank you for having had the good fortune

to be allowed to be with and surrounded by both joy and love.

Allir sestir ORG_DSC05779_result.jpg
VVV VG 5 ORG_DSC05800_result.jpg
VVVVG 3 ORG_DSC05785_result.jpg
VVV VG 9 ORG_DSC05823_result.jpg
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