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Gallery Bakkastofa

Gallery  Hafnarloftsinn has for display and sale artwork that can be seen on site and here on the site.


The buildings give a rich opportunity to adorn them with beautiful art

and it is gratifying to be able to replace works with new ones and thus change the atmosphere and appearance of the place.


We broke  up for a short show in links to  Culture night, where three  artists from as many nations are in the spotlight. She's still standing for a while.

John William Stephenson (1946) - California

The energy and the universe have been the source of JW's work for the last 10 years and into the works  he weaves together memories related to the particle velocity in Cern, where the smallest particles of the known material world are explored.


JWS uses strong and bright colors in its expression of the outside world and the driving force of life. An unusual mix of physics  and human driving force  is the message that JWS sends to us through its work. See more ...

Salóme Fannberg (1951) - Iceland

Salóme has devoted herself to web art for a long time and has worked on her art in many countries.


She has sought out prisoners in many places in her work and attracted attention when she mixed seaweed into her wool weave.


Her pictures are often dreamy and realistic at the same time and often evoke a positive, irrational impression on the part of the observer. More ...

Hanna Aniela Frelek (1984) - Poland

Hanna was born and raised in Poland but moved to Iceland in 2006. She studied Icelandic at the University of Iceland and also studied art at the Reykjavík Art School.  


By virtue of her rare drawing talent, Hanna began her art studies  Edinburgh College of Art where she is currently studying. Her artistically drawn works are complex and exploratory at the same time. Sight is richer in history ...

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