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Bakkastofa - Eyrargata 32, 820 Eyrarbakki / / tel. 821 2428 - 561 2429

For groups of various shapes and sizes
The short day calls for national joy and vigor!
Advent at Bakkan

For workplaces, families and groups of friends who want to illuminate and lighten the mood on Advent and in the run-up to it in the spirit of old times.


In collaboration with Rauða Húsið and Byggðasafnið "Húsið"  offers  Bakkastofa innovative Advent and  Christmas Eve at the historic Eyrarbakki.  guests  are brought to mind  music, stories and  delicious Christmas dishes in the spirit of the old days.  

The hosts Valgeir and Ásta lead guests into this hidden world that leaves no one untouched and all loaded into the Christmas holiday and the new year.


Further information, price offers and bookings at ,
phones 561-2429 and 821-2428.

Christmas Eve  at Eyrarbakki
For extended families, workplaces and groups of friends

Christmas devotion with an emphasis on both the spiritual food and that which is subject to the laws of mouth and stomach.


In recent years, Bakkastofa has held Christmas vigils that are shaped according to the needs of guests,

in smaller and larger groups.  Our village and the atmosphere in Eyrarbakki are ideal for evoking the Christmas child in us with song stories and good food.

It's not without reason that cinematographers use this old village as Christmas scenes, because little needs to be changed to create that experience for the white screen.


The Bakkastofa programme's platform extends far and wide. In the home building in Gamla Kaupfélagið and Gamla Frystihússsalur and from there over to the Red House which prepares a glorious Christmas table.


The Christmas vigils can also be linked to the House's Christmas tree exhibition, Byggðasafn Árnesingar, where you can see Christmas trees with roots all the way to the origins of that tradition in the country. There is also the opportunity to stop by Eyrarbakkakirkja, which gives a beautiful occasion for devotion to Valgeir's singing before the Christmas meal is eaten.


Information and chat with Ásta Kristrún about arrangements  & 821-2428 /  

Stories and legends

Icelandic Christmas and traditions
in the present and in the past.
At Christmas Eve, we sharpen up for the story survey
  and the imagination with selected knowledge  and entertainment.


Litla jólfjölskyldan.jpg

Christmas carols  mixed with other music.  Valgeir  performs songs from his well-known song box and activates Christmas Eve guests to sing with him.


The Christmas songbook is not far away and in harmony the age fades away and the child list explodes in the mind  and hearts.

Advent and Christmas circles

Bakkastofa works closely with the village's quality restaurants,
The Red House and the Blue Sea, where the taste buds are pampered
Guests on
  Christmas carols more often than not choose to include that option  í  the Christmas mood   


The Red House  is within walking distance of Bakkastofa and
Take the blue for a 2-minute drive from the village. 

Christmas and Advent in the House

The 'house' is one of the most beautiful
and the country's most significant museum.

There  are  the Christmas traditions are held in high esteem

At the House's Christmas Exhibition, guests can

among other things

the oldest Icelandic Christmas tree in sight

Christmas pictures
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