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What to expect  The Christmas party?


First part of "Old Christmas"  is a get-together and prelude to a festive meal, which looks at the past in Christmas celebrations in Iceland and elsewhere in culture and food,  where the developmental history  the Icelandic Santa Clauses are woven into. Music performance at Valgeir's choice and at guests' wishes and chorus from a Christmas songbook according to my memory.


Number and facilities 

When the number of guests is under and about 30 people, the first part takes place in Bakkastofa, but when the number is larger, it is better to have it in Saga Music Hall, which is a cozy hall in the old cold store, the former Gónhóll just across the street from Bakkastofa.


When the weather is good, it is a pleasure to walk between houses, stop by Eyrarbakki Church and experience devotion and look at the Christmas tree exhibition "The House" on the way to the dinner in the Red House.


You can weave in a glitter of harmony and singing,  either in the first part of the program or during a meal.


Time factor

It is a good idea to aim for the prelude to last about an hour and a half. 
For example, if guests come to Eyrarbakki at 18:30, the dinner starts at 20+ (depending on whether there is a stop between houses, in the regional museum "Húsinu" and in Eyrarbakkakirkja accompanied by Bakkastofuhjóna.
  End of program and return home  around and up from 22 - 22:30.


Activity and events

When  there are entertainment committees that have organized the arrival in Eyrarbakki  its representatives are inactive and sometimes they have prepared small events. Bakkastofa can coordinate such posts with the committees. For example  secret Christmas gifts, almond gift moments that are always appreciated, Danish-Swedish tradition that has become ingrained in many people. The almond can be placed in small porridge and does not have to be part of the table. 
Everything that cheers and promotes togetherness and good communication is a good thing.

"Old Christmas"  on Advent on Eyrarbakki

The Red House's festive table in the spirit of "Old Christmas":


Christmas lamb on the bone, brown potatoes, red cabbage, beans, apple salad and brown sauce.

Boneless Christmas ham, potatoes in white sauce, mashed potatoes, beets and pickles.

Peanut steak, sweet mashed potatoes and celery salad

Secrets of the 19th Century - The Betrayed Turtle


Desserts in the spirit of "Old Christmas"  


Coffee shop /  Danish apple cake /  Layer cake with prune jam

Coffee or Hot chocolate with cream

Intolerance and allergies 

It is becoming more and more common for restaurants to receive requests for special solutions for those who have food intolerances. The Red House works hard in such cases and meets the needs of guests with any kind of food intolerance.

If people do not lie at home is Bakki Hostel   an excellent guesthouse at a good price with made-up bunk beds and crackling linen and well-equipped hotel apartments. also. 

Old Christmas - complete program - prices from  7,500 - 11,500 depending on the size of the groups.


Bookings and further information: / 821 2428 - 561 2429

Here are  good traditions of the past
  in honor and majesty and as close to the heart as possible.

Click on the picture to see "Old Christmas"

Bakkastofa - Eyrargata 32, 820 Eyrarbakki / / tel. 821 2428 - 561 2429

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