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What suits you?   
What do you want to deal with?
How do you make it happen?

It is remarkable how well we can know the qualities of others and often better than our own. We perceive ourselves from all kinds of stimuli in the environment such as performance, pleasure, responsibility, others' admiration for us, but the overall picture is not always so clear.

To enjoy the opportunities in life and deal with what we believe  to do better, self-knowledge is key.


  • We can hardly set goals without knowing how they fit us as characters.

  • Without knowing what makes us happy, we have a hard time choosing and working hard to reach that goal.

  • Knowledge of our qualities allows us to take 
    purposeful decisions about our education, life and work.

Our interests reflect what we most want to do in life and what studies, jobs and challenges are most likely to give us pleasure.

Job satisfaction is one of the basic prerequisites for enjoying life and work. If there is a lack of job satisfaction, the negative consequences are obvious. They can manifest themselves in boredom, apathy, depression, declining performance and job loss.

Unless Code - interest analysis

NemaCode / IDEAS interest analysis  based on the RIASEC model Dr. John Lewis Holland , the most famous teacher of these disciplines. The results are interpreted according to Ásta Kristrún Ragnarsdóttir's NemaCode method, but this method is considered to greatly increase the practical usefulness of the interest survey.

Dr. The Netherlands was introduced to this method shortly before he passed away and gave him good advice and reiterated his approval of this new vision of his famous RIASEC model.


To read about a visit to John Holland, click here ...

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