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Wedding is the sacred moment when two people confess their love and devotion to each other. Preparation, circumstances and ideas  The bride and groom aim to give the moment a romantic touch in accordance with their attitudes and and lifestyle.

Most of them have grown up with a picture or a dream of their wedding
without knowing who the companion will be. Some people experience the romantic manifestation with a page veil over a long church floor, others see themselves with a wild flower wreath on their heads in nature.

Times are changing and so are people, and in recent years many young people and, in fact, some older people are also beginning to see nature as a fascinating wedding setting.

Marriage and romance organized by Bakkastofa

Eyrarbakki is a unique setting for happy times and friends' meetings that live on in the mind.

The column below contains Ásta Kristrún's reflections on the many weddings she has attended and garnered great gratitude for her part in making them happy and bright in the memory.

Eyrarbakki is a village that is in fact a kind of playground from ancient times and at the same time surrounded by the wonders of nature.  to tread untrodden paths and go other ways than the generation of parents and grandparents.

When Valgeir and I established Bakkastofa's culture and event center in Eyrabakki this spring, we saw with our own hands how the village and the surrounding nature offer countless possibilities regarding great moments:

Marriages on the beach, on rock gardens by the sea, viewing platforms by the sea, inside the bird sanctuary, in one of the museums here in Eyrarbakki, or in the unique historic wooden church where the walls whisper history, culture and love. 

We here at Bakkastofusetrin therefore intend to introduce Eyrabakki as a paradise for the holy moments of a bride and groom who are looking for a different and personal situation.

Catering services are all within reach here and Bakkastofa can take care of organizing that part in line with expectations and weather at any given time.

We also work with the owners of lovely houses in the village that are ideal for the wedding night and even the days that follow.

bakkastofa - eyrargata 32, 820 Eyrarbakki / / tel. 821 2428

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