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Valgeir Guðjónsson performs his songs and lyrics, in Icelandic or English depending on the situation and chats with the audience about home and space.

Valgeir is a true master of the moment and sings songs from Söguöld to our time in good soil with Bakkastofa's guests. 

Facilities in Bakkastofa
Our accommodation is suitable for work meetings and smaller gatherings - something to have behind your ear. We deliver leafy refreshments according to your wishes.

Ásta Kristrún tells stories of her ancestors and fathers with a special emphasis on the people in the House,  which is now the Árnesingar Regional Museum.

Fate stories spanning a 150-year period shed light on life in the country when the modern world knocked on doors and the nation experienced a great rush to change lifestyles.

In addition to Bakkastofa's regular programs (above), we customize programs according to your wishes.


Schedules  for foreign guests in English or Nordic.

We get strong positive feedback from our guests about how good and generous the soul in the house is. We love welcoming people and look forward to seeing you as soon as possible!

bakkastofa - eyrargata 32, 820 Eyrarbakki / / tel. 821 2428 - 561 2429

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